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Coating Types

Corrugated Packaging Solutions provides coating solutions to meet any functional needs, visual needs, and regulations. Our coatings are environmentally friendly by providing wax replacements and recyclable alternatives.

Water Barrier
  • AC38
  • AC40
  • AC300
  • AC350
  • AC23
Oil & Grease Barrier
  • AC38
  • AC40
  • AC300
  • AC350
  • AC23
Bake in & Release
  • AC38
  • Astral Bakerite
  • AC70
  • AC71
Slip Resistance
  • AC600
  • AC200

*Note: AC = AstralCoat

Coating Specifications

Multipurpose coating with excellent Cobb, and OGR. Coating is freeze thaw stable. This product has been very successfully used in wax replacement for produce & protein. It is printable & cold set glueable. We have customers that have replaced the 40EAF & 50A with this coating.

A new multi-purpose coating. Properties are similar to AstralCoat 40 but chemistry is much improved. Coating is highly scuff and block resistant. This was introduced in the market earlier this year and has been very well received. It is printable and cold set glueable.

 Note: A base coat of AstralCoat 40 and top coat of AstralCoat 38 provide exceptional Cobb and OGR   properties. The coated surface is highly scuff and block resistant.

Excellent abrasion resistant (non-scuff) coating. This is our Nomar 73 offset. It is non-staining and our largest volume seller in the market today.

A scuff resistant coating. This is our Nomar 70AFN offset.

Our MVTR coating. It has 48% solids but its MVTR values will be better than the competitor product which has 56% solids.

Our offset to the Michem X300 with 40% solids. It has better Cobb than the X300 and significantly better scuff resistance than the X300. Our customers use this coating for both water beading applications or in applications where a very high degree of non-scuff is required and a Nomar 73 will not work. Two examples we know are a very heavy glass application and in heavy duty automotive parts. We did a side by side comparison of the X300 versus our AstralCoat 300 with a 0 rod. At 450F, with a 4 lb weight, Michem product scuffed off completely at 100 strokes. Ours showed no scuffing.

A high solids version of the AstralCoat 300.

Our offset to the Soft-tak. It has 40% solids. One interesting property is that it has better “dynamic slide angles” than the Soft-tak. Once the object does start the slide, it will slide at a lower rate on our coating versus the Soft-tak.

This is our silicone “bake-in” and release coating.

A new coating with 23% solids. Great OGR & Cobb. Hot melt glue only. High degree of gloss so can be used as an OPV for colors that require Cobb or OGR.

Our waxable white coating.

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