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We help our customers sell more of what’s inside the box

With packaging, it’s all about the process. Determining what packaging materials are most effective to use is contingent on how your business operates, what products you sell and supply chain dynamics. Our Corrugated Packaging Solutions Specialists are industry-leading experts in corrugated packaging, automation and structural and graphic design. They understand the corrugated manufacturing process and know how to reduce overall costs.

Using the 3 step process below, our team of experts are able to deliver a Total Value Optimization plan for your business:

1.  Survey Your Site

We use an in-depth Survey Process to analyze the 4 key areas of your warehouse operations and identify key challenges or pain points in your current processes:

  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Manufacturing Lines
  • Shipping

2. Create a Custom Packaging Improvement Proposal

Once we’ve completed the survey, our team develops a custom Packaging Improvement Proposal for your business. In this proposal, you will receive a Total Value Optimization Plan that provides recommendations focused on:

  • Inventory structure revisions
  • Automation opportunities to increase productivity and reduce labor costs
  • New packaging material options to reduce your material and shipping costs

3. Implement Solutions

We then work with your team to implement the solutions we proposed and to put your Total Value Optimization plan into action. Corrugated Packaging Solutions can source any packaging material and packaging equipment and can assist with project management to bring your solutions to life.

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